The family of Sethy Ist, remenber, was it origins in the eastern Delta. On this genealogy tree, for the moment, it is reduced to the main persons, I just notice the eldest ancestor on the stela of year 400

Here are a resumed list :

  1. Sethy, great father, captain of troops .
  2. Tiou, in hypothesis, the grand mother, according to the stele of yean 400.
  3. Ramsès Ier, father, captain of troops, vizir, and so...; he was primilary named Paramessous.
  4. Satrê, mother.
  5. Khaemouaset, uncle, captain of troops.
  6. Touy, wife beloved.
  7. Raia, father in law.
  8. Rouia, mother in low.
  9. Tia, daughter.
  10. Tia, gender.
  11. Ramsès II, son, The Great Pharaoh well known.
  12. Meritamon, one of the numerous grand-daughters.
  13. Ramsès, one of the numbered grand-sons.
  14. Khaemouaset, grand son .
  15. Merenptah, grand son and successor of Ramsès II.
  16. Hentmirê, daughter of Sethy or perhaps daughter of Ramsès II, fo moment the discussion is not closed.

For the preriod before Ramses Ist (Paramessou) you can go to the site The Souty 's Stelae = Chicago OI-11456 , in spanish .

In some genealogy list we can find as ancestor ( grand-father ) of Ramses II a named Pay , who could be Raia's father (?) , for moment I have no reference .

On the below table, I colored frames on two manners :

* maroon for men.

* light yellow fo women.

I think, I suppose, respected the anciant Egyptian art rules for the own Egyptian iconography.


to be follow !

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