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Exemple of protocol, I've choiced , of course the Sethy's one !

Protocole of an Egypt's King, is compsed of 5 names :
  1. Horus name .
  2. Two Lady's name .
  3. Golden Horus name .
  4. The name in a cartouche : Nesout-Bity .
  5. The name in another cartouche : Son of Sun ( ) .

You can see, below, the case of the protocol of Sethy . Theese 5 names are read from left to right .

For an another point of vue about Egyptian protocol, you van visit the site of Paris 8 University .

An another Internet site , the Daniel LOELLIET ' s one , will allow you to have a complete point of vue of Protocoles , about differents pharaohs from the dynasty 0 to Roman Emporors .

You can see different exeples after


Protocol , is by definition a whole of dispositions , usages that we should do in respect of somethons or somebody . This word caoms from the Greek prôtokollon that is a compound word from prôtos=first , kolla=colle ; what it means : the first leaf that Greeks and Latin pasted on letters . That is a sort of Heading on letters .

We can consider that the protocol is what designates the pharaoh , what dinstinct one pharaon from one another in their names , protocol is what it qualify the pharaoh .

History of Egyptian royal protocols

The royal protocol has been composed time to time and measure the terms of the history of them . The first name is the name of Horus ; it appears at the beginning of the Dynasty 0, the first time of handwriting hieroglyphics. That means that the pharaoh is a Horus ; descendant of the son ofOsiris and successor the famous Chemsou-Hor, which means the "Followers of Horus" , they are designated as successor kings of Gods who reign "in the beginning of the humanity "according to Egyptian beliefs .

The pharaoh was designated as an HORUS; often we designated such pharaoh as horus a such .

The second name has been appeared , is the name ofnebty , again call the two mistresses , that is the two tutelary goddesses of the two kingdoms of Egypt, the High and Lower Egypt . It concerns the goddess Nekhbet ; the goddess of the city situated in the south in the modern El-Kab . She is the goddess of the southern Kingdom, and it is Narmer who united the two kingdoms of Egypt , about 3150 B.C. The other goddess is Ouadjet or Edjo ; tutelary goddess of the city of Bouto across from the city of Dep in the northern Delta .

The third name has been appeared as King of High and Low Egypt nesout-bit ; which translation will be one who belongs to the reeds ( High Egypt ) and to the bee ( Low Egypt ) . This name is almost always registered in a cartouche , that symbolizes the race of the sun around the world. Often this name is again called Name. Often he wears the name of . In this name was registered the name of pharaohs coronation .

Bit after appearing the third name; the Horus of Gold,Hor-nebou .This name would symbolize the victory of Horus on the Ombites; that is the partisants of the god Seth , the enemy god .

Finally, sporadically under the fourth dynasty, then definitively under Fiveth, appear the last of the protocol the name son of Rê, Son of Rê . This last name is those also registered in a cartouche; in which was registered the name of the Pharaohs . This one was the name received at his birth as a prince .

Sethy Ist'protocol

First name: that we could translate :Strong Bull rising in Thebes , the one who make life the Two Lands.; and the pronounciation would be approxitivly: Ka nekht kha em ouaset, se ankh Taouy .

Second Name: could be translated as : The One who renew the births ( = the renaissance ), the strong flabellifer who subjugate the Nine-Bows; that it means all the countries under the egyptian domination . For vocalisation : Ouhem Messout , skhem khou dor pesedjou nebou .

The third Name : which is could be translated as : The one who reniew the crowns, the One who subjugue the Nine-Bows in all countries.

The fourth Name : which we could translate as :The King of High and Lower Egypt , firm is the truth of Rê , the lord of Heliopolis . For vocalisation : En Sout bit Men Maat Rê, Heqa Youn .

The fith Name : whiwh we could translate as:The son of the Sun , The man of Seth ( Sethy ), beloved of Ptah . For the vocalisation : Sa-Rê Sethy MerenPath .

To be noticed that hieroglyphof god Seth must be also foud like variantes :

Hieroglyph of Osiris : , mainly in Abydos .

Or else by the Tit of Isis :


I started to collects the differents forms on the royal Sethy'protocole .

  1. Horus Names.
  2. Nebty Names.
  3. Golden Horus Names.
  4. Nesout Bity Names.
  5. Son of Rê Names.

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